Brand Styling and Creative Direction:

As a creative entrepreneur, I have a keen eye for shaping your image to show you at your best. If there’s one thing I know as a brand owner, its just how hard it is to be aware of your own brand image. Introspection in business is a tough job and that’s why it’s so important to have an outside eye involved in the process. Combining my strengths in styling, creative direction and editorial design, we thoughtfully and collaboratively prepare to showcase your brand in it’s best light.

Why you need a brand stylist:

Let’s walk through the process.

So you’ve got all this great product, and no way to show it off to your clients and future clients. Maybe you are stuck on how to creatively showcase your service, or you simply don’t have the time - that’s where Daylynn Designs steps in. The process starts by hearing you out. What’s your ideal client? How do you want your product to read? Who do you want these brand images to speak to? After listening closely, we hit the ground running. First up, finding a suitable location that makes sense and will easily elevate your product or service. Once we’ve got the place, we go from there, with photo shoot production planning: crafting timelines, setting deadlines and creating to-do lists to get it all done. With the framework is established, I pull from my a-team of vendors that best fit your brand and style: photographers, videographers etc. The end result gives you ready made, gorgeous content that you’ll rush to plaster all over your social media platforms, website and beyond. Together, we’ll shine a new, bright light on your brand.