Elevated Bourne Farm Wedding ⋆ Falmouth, MA


For the elevated bride with a down-to-Earth vibe.


There’s something that happens, in a pervasive manner, when you let people know you’re getting married on a farm. “Oh that will be so easy and rustic,” people often chime in. Here’s the thing, just because you book a venue based upon the natural beauty doesn’t restrict you to rustic or farm style only.

It’s actually quite simple to achieve visual sophistication in a laid back setting if you are just willing to incorporate a few elements that people do not typically think of pairing together - say: gown + denim, farm tables + crystal, natural linen + velvet, galvanize metal + lush grasses, polished hemstitch + eclectic layered china, etc. Through the use of distinct high-low pairings the overall look remains connected to your farm venue while impressing guests through crystal, flatware, linens and beyond.

Bourne Farm, the setting for this particular editorial shoot, is located in Falmouth, MA. The Farm is a part of a conservation that protects open spaces on Cape Cod. The main yard and barn are set just above a salt pond. The salt pond easily inspired many of the natural design elements we implemented as a creative group.


For the floral pieces, the concept was for them to feel so completely integrated into the surroundings of the property. Many of the berries, vines and grasses showcased were gathered from the farm the morning of, by Millie of Whitemoss and Twigs, and served as a grounding element when paired with other high end blooms.

The escort card display also took a bit of a salty spin, just like the salt pond on the farm, by using mini glass bottles filled with Cape Cod Sea Salt. Each bottle was placed around the table and the concept was for wedding guests to place their cork strung escort card into their own personal bottle. This way, the escort cards serve a function and are easily displayed as the night continues. It also doesn’t hurt that by pouring the salt in individual glass containers it brings in an added level of sophistication to a natural mineral.

To insert a level of fun, as a way balance out the overall sophistication, a few casual elements were a must. The first is the fun detailed denim jacket for the bride to wear as the day cools off. Having an extra layer in New England is a must, especially when you are at an outdoor venue. Another fun filled fashion element is with the wedding gown from Flair. The gown's silhouette is very strinking but the cutouts beneath the bust instantly add a coastal cool vibe that strikes the perfect balance for the venue. A third area where the creative team added an element of fun was with the pizza oven from Pizza Barbone. This one is a no brainer … everyone loves pizza and whether it is inserted as a late night snack or as part of the main menu it really satisfies guests - and in this case, the bride.

One final element of fun was inserted by incorporating flowers into the bride's braid. These subtle touches of whimsy bring that down-to-Earth sense right back where it’s needed.


With all these images by Lydia Leclair Photography to serve as proof, before someone makes you feel like your venue determines the type of wedding you are “supposed” to have - think again. We easily brought an elevated aesthetic right on down to the farm.