Trend Report ⋆ New York Bridal Fashion Week 2018


There's nothing better, when your wedding is on the horizon, than being on top of the latest trends in the bridal fashion. Earlier this week many brands were previewing their Spring 2019 collections at New York Bridal Fashion Week (#NYBFW). Here is a round up of some of my personal favorites from the many previews. I believe that these designs are launching overarching trends for wedding season's to come.

I'll admit that picking my favorites was a bit difficult with so many beautiful creations being shown this past week. However, I was lucky to be able to turn to some of my all-time-favorite designers for continued amazing results and inspiration.

TREND: BACK DETAILING (Designed by, Alexandra Grecco)


Gowns are meant to be enjoyed from 360 degrees. The latest bridal focus on gown detailing, at the back, provides an unexpected surprise. With a delicate deep-v neckline and fitted silhouette there is a simple elegance that allows the Stevie gown to speaks wonders. With a simple turn, the sheer back train inset and body detailing create a beautiful, swoon-worthy moment. I say - why focus on the front when you can so intricately develop a balanced focus on both the front and the back?

Bravo, Alexandra Grecco, the AG x Wild Honey Collection highlights your position as a leader in creating the "effortlessly cool" wedding gown - exclusively made in NYC.

TREND: SOLANGE KNOWLES VIBES (Designed by, Pronovias)


Okay, if you aren't familiar with how Solange Knowles dressed for her wedding day do a quick search or click on the link I've provided. Her wedding was way back in 2014, but I still can't stop thinking about how she handled her fashion game and clearly, neither can designers. She pulled off the ultimate bridal trend and created inspiration for years to come. With this draped sleeved gown Pronovias has put their own unique take on a traditional caped gown. The open shoulders and thick straps are a flattering addition while the trailing sleeves and train continue the sleek drama as they softly grace the floor. Who wants to bet this dress would easily be Solange approved?

TREND: JUMPSUIT + TRAIN COMBO (Designed by, Galia Lahav)


Have you ever wanted to have the best of both worlds? Like, a have your cake and eat it too situation? Well, this jumpsuit certainly brings the best of everything that I'd be looking for! A beautifully detailed jumpsuit with an attached wedding train that only exists in the best of dreams. Galia Lahav clearly understands that all any bride wants is to effortlessly party the night away while still looking like a true bride - nailed it!



Want to feel like a million bucks? Add some fringe and get yourself to the dance floor in this gown, named Georgia. The addition of fringe in a chevron pattern creates unbeatable movement. From the top of the dress intricate beadwork and sheer paneling define a modern neckline while the bottom fringe half of the dress integrates flapper fun. Since this dress just wants to move and shake all night it could also be a great reception dress, too!


The belted skirt on this dress is just the right amount of extra to deliver on sexy meets sophisticated. While the body of the dress is a floral embroidered beauty the skirt introduces a striking balance with it's full, tulle simplicity. This skirted detailing quickly makes the dress meet "walking down the aisle standards". Oh, and what an easy transition it will be, for the party portion of your night, when the skirt come off to reveal a sexy gown beneath.

TREND: SEXY SHEER (Designed by, Berta)


Okay, this dress and this designer know how to bring the sex appeal. With the use of sheer materials all throughout their 2019 Spring collection there is no shortage of a commitment to this trend. They're upping the bridal game with their latest couture collection that is infused with sexy drama. The masterpiece pictured above both effortlessly sparkles and shines. While the look may be too daring for a traditional walk down the aisle, this dress could be perfect for a rockin' reception. No need for a disco ball when you can happily shimmer, shake and glimmer as the center of attention while guests dance the night away.