(1.) Event Planning + Management:

Who it works for:

My partial service package is perfect if you’ve got bits and pieces of your event planning process completed. In most cases, you’ve already booked your venue and have, potentially, sourced a couple of your must-have vendors.

It’s for those of you that despite your initial exhilaration for planning, you’re feeling like it’s time for the support of an expert. I’m happy to pick up where you are. Your bits and pieces will dovetail with my experience to create the event you’ve envisioned. Month-by-month, through emails, meetings and phone calls, we will work to achieve your dream day - with ease and precision!

The client experience:

With the remainder of your planning journey ahead of you, I swoop in and elevate the process. I learn about where you are in the process and we launch off from there. I supply you a customized list of tried and trusted vendors that I believe will best suit and execute your specific style. Most of what we do is done digitally so that it can be done at your convenience through email and an online planning portal. If you are available to meet in person, I recommend a monthly face-to-face meeting. Let’s get to know each other and plan for what’s next! As your event date approaches, your timeline moves to the forefront. This is when every t is crossed and i is dotted to ensure that your event day runs smoothly. Our process of collaboration, brings us to a place where we’re fully prepared logistically. Now, go have fun at your event while I operate on your behalf. It’s time for you and your day to be showcased with the confidence of knowing every detail has been handled and the essence of your day is ready for it’s big reveal.


(2.) Management Package:

Who it works for:

If you’re hosting a tented celebration or a private estate event this package is not robust enough to handle your needs (check here instead). However, if your event is at an established venue, this package is just the right fit.

It’s for those of you who have quite literally “got this”. You’ve handled all. the. things. related to your wedding, but now you’re realizing that it’s simply impossible to run your event while, at the same time, preparing to walk down the aisle. That’s just where this package comes in handy. I review and implement what you’ve planned to flawlessly execute your special day. This investment ensures that you are able to enjoy the details you have doted on.

The client experience:

The management package is typically booked within four months of your event. I help to manage your vendors and the overall flow of your event both pre-event and day of. I always complete a site visit at your venue, beforehand, and am able to provide any details that may have been overlooked. We work together to get caught up to speed on where you are, I check for any holes and then we put the final plan in action for your special celebration. Now, here’s the best part … on the day of your event I, now, handle all. the. things. It’s your job to enjoy yourself while I work to keep things on schedule - with you as the central focus!